Propulsion Partners is a strategic business and technology consulting firm which provides services to enable our clients to smartly apply technology and optimize business productivity.

Max Out What You’ve Got!
If you are looking to maximize current technology investments, we specialize in “total efficiency”. This systematic process streamlines and optimizes existing technology components within your department or organization to allow them to run more efficiently, provide maximum value, and ensure the highest return on your technology investment.

New Partners, New Technology?
If you need to integrate with new partners or adopt new technology, we focus on building scalable and interoperable systems using a "platform" approach. This allows you to quickly and seamlessly integrate systems and roll-out new technology and services for your customers and partners. The main drivers for this approach include:

» Ease of Use
A well designed and integrated system will allow your partners to more easily work with you and get the information they need without relying on your IT department. Your employee productivity will improve with technology that is easy to use, powerful, and pervasive in their everyday working environment.

» Agility
By deploying your solution on a platform, we give your business unprecedented agility in developing new products, the ability to rapidly respond to customer requirements, and maximize process efficiencies by empowering you with full clarity at every step.